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~Educational Activity Boxes~

Use these boxes for fun from afar!

Please allow 5-7 business days to accommodate shipping

High Tea with The

Description: In this box you will receive a beautiful porcelain, red rose, tea set complete with goodies to accommodate a tea party of four with the Red Queen herself. Learn the history of High Tea while enjoying silly fun and delicious treats with friends!

Box includes: (17-piece miniature tea set, four cake pops, four kinds of different teas and a lifetime access to a fun, educational video with the Queen you’ll want to experience time and time again with friends and family.)

Acrylic Painting with Ariel

Description: Dive into the sea and make a splash of color with Ariel as she shows you how to master the waves with simple art techniques and a few special thingamabobs that will make your masterpiece a treasure in anyone’s trove. 

Box Includes: (2 canvases, 4 acrylic colors (2 oz), glitter, cups, gloves, mixing sticks, paint pouring kit and unlimited access to Ariel’s artistic tutorial.)

Realize your Talents with Repunzel

Description: This self-entertainment box is customized by Rapunzel herself to bring out the natural talents of your loved one. Whether she is painting, knitting, cooking, dancing, or learning a new instrument, Rapunzel is always looking for new ways to stay entertained. Call us today to customize your kiddo’s next creative experience! 

Box Includes: ( A 20 minute, customizable, tutorial that your loved one will have unlimited access to so they can practice their newfound talents whenever inspiration strikes.)


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Makeup with

Description: “Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self,” and who better than to help your child find their own self expression than Mal from the Descendants?!  In this activity box you’ll receive all the tools you need to embrace your inner creativity with Mal. 


Box Includes: (Gem Rhinestone Stickers, Makeup Brushes, a Makeup Palette and unlimited access to Mal’s Makeup Tutorial so your child can be encouraged to revel in the joys of self expression whenever feeling fierce.)

Story-time with

Description: In this box, you will receive a very special book from Belle’s Royal Castle Library! Choose from numerous award winning children’s books or customize your own magical reading experience by calling today!


Box includes: (1 custom book of your choice and unlimited video access with Belle so you can read and follow along, page by page, with your favorite princess.) 

Energizer Madness with Moana

Description: Does your child love to dance? If so this next box is perfect for you and your kiddo! Dance your heart out with Moana as she energizes your little ones through fun Hawaiian Hula. 


Box Includes: (3 Hawaiian Leis, 3 Floral Crowns, 6 Floral wristbands, and 3 Hula Skirts and unlimited access to Moana’s dance party so your kiddos can Hula their hearts out.) 

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